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August, 2020
New Admission Course Celebration 2020
12:00 pm - 12:00 pm
Abul Hossain Chairman Plaza, 3rd Floor, Trishal Bazar, Trishal

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How real people said about AHK iT Lab

MD Al Amin Rana

MD Mafiq Ullah


Many online web design and development companies are offering many video courses for money. But there AHK iT Lab is giving those video courses for free. That’s why AHK iT Lab is loved by so many people. And this is the specialty of AHK iT Lab. That’s why AHK iT Lab is the best.

MD Naimul Islam

MD Sabbir Ahmed


I really wanted to learn Web Design and Development. But I could not find any good organization. At one time I met AHK iT Lab. And with training from here, I am now able to become a good web designer. I want to work in AHK iT Lab as an Instructor in future.

MD A H Kawsar

MD Khairul Islam Shohag


I have been with AHK iT Lab for a long time. And as a teacher, I would say that AHK iT Lab is working to provide young people with explanatory information about technology and to build a freelancing career. I believe that AHK iT Lab will one day play a pivotal role in building a freelancing career for all students in Bangladesh.

MD Sabid Hasan

MD Abu Kauser Sorkar


I have been working as an Instructor at AHK iT Lab for a long time and trying to teach people as much as possible. Although at first there was not much response, now many students are getting explanatory information about technology from AHK iT Lab. And now it feels good to introduce yourself as a successful Instructor.

MD Sheak Ismail

MD Mahin Masud


I have been learning a lot from the free video courses of AHK iT Lab for a long time and I also read blog posts regularly. Honestly I think AHK iT Lab is much better and more trustworthy than other organizations. And I’m still with AHK iT Lab.

MD Muhaiminul Mishok

MD Naimul Islam


Suddenly one day while searching for a topic on Google, AHK iT Lab came in front of me. Since then I have been a regular reader of AHK iT Lab. There are so many things I got from here that I really needed for my career. Which I got without asking. AHK iT Lab is the best to me.

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