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Apply as instructor and make a course for earn money hassle free.

AHK iT Lab is a free and premium online computer courses institute in Bangladesh. Here you will find professional quality courses or videos on various computer subjects. There are many courses that you can take training for free just by creating an account. Again there are some professional quality video courses that you can take by making a certain payment. But if you are a computer experienced person then you can earn by submitting professional quality video course here. And if you want, you can also teach people through video courses for free. But that is why you have to join our website as an Instructor. Then you will get a Control Panel to submit your video courses on our website. You can understand how to join our website as an Instructor by reading the following rules. So do the following rules well then join as Instructor. Thank You 🙂

How To Become A Teacher

Read the instructions and go to apply for become a teacher.

Register to become a teacher

You have to to fill out this form

Before joining as an Instructor, you need to know what is meant by Instructor.

Who is Instructor: In the language of our website, an Instructor is a person who educates or trains visitors on various topics by publishing a video course or written article of his own on our website. If you want an Instructor, you can train the visitors for free and for a specific payment. However, in case of training in return for a specific payment, you must follow the instructions given by the management authority of the website.
An Instructor has to perform his tasks according to the following rules.

  1. If you want to be an Instructor, you must first register as a user on our website. Then you have to fill your profile with all the information.
  2. Then come to this Page and in the form on the left in the Name, Email, Phone Number and Message box respectively "Write a little detailed application about why you want to join as an Instructor and what kind of help you can help visitors after joining." Then click on the Submit button.
  3. Our management team will then verify the information you provide and the results will reach your email.
  4. Once you have been selected as an Instructor, you need to know about the Privacy Policy & Terms of the website. And he has to act accordingly.
  5. If you do anything outside the policy, your Instructor position will be Suspended.
After being selected as an Instructor, you have to publish professional quality videos according to the rules of the website. And you have to publish a Bangla article or blog post on that video. Your published videos and articles will be reviewed by our management team and if all goes well your videos and articles will be notified to all visitors via email notification and made available to all visitors on the website.
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